In this time of the global pandemia and uncertainty in the art market we would like to be helpful, so decided to organize a virtual exhibition to support the artists and give them a platform for visibility and recognition.

Now it is more than ever important to be united as a country, as a nation. It’s why we choose the exhibition theme “My AMERICA”. We invite you to send us your artworks inspired by remarkable moments of your life in this country, a country where you were born or where you immigrated in and found your second homeland. It could be your self portrait or a portrait of your child who got an excellent education here or a person who made a great impact into your life. It could be a picture of your favorite spot in the town where do you live or a landscape of a country retreat where you like to spend a vacation with your beloved family. It could be anything that important and memorable for you.

We expect you to accompany your artwork with a short story about the person or the place, or the event which inspired you for this creation, so the viewers could understand your art more deeply. Please share the most memorable moments of your American life story with us! Together these art stories will form a remarkable evidence of our modern history!


  • Participation in this show is free of charge.

  • Submission for the contest is open from June 1st till June 30th 2020.

You can submit one art work free of charge or up to 4 art works for $10.Please send us the images in jpg format accompanied by a short story behind each artwork by email

Each file must have a title, medium, dimensions, year of creation and artist name in it. After reviewing your art works we will let you know by email if it is accepted to the contest. Then you can make a payment (if you sent more than 1 work) via PayPal or by credit card.

  • Deadline for contest submissions is June 30th 

Curator Elena Dobrovolskaya will select 30 artworks (5 in each nomination) for the virtual exhibition which will be open on July 4th on our website and will run until August 4th.

Each of 30 short-listed finalists will get a

  • 1/2 full color page in printed Show catalogue is included free of charge..

  • certificate of participation signed by our Jury members.

Winners of the show in each nomination will be announced on August 4th (including People's Choice award as a result of FB voting during the exhibition run) and will get

  • a diplomas signed by Jury Chairman Oleg Leonov

  • as well as a possibility of participation at the next gallery 2021 exhibition in Philadelphia , USA free of charge with art works with wall space up to 30" x 24" size, and 1/2 full color page printed catalogue.

There will be an intensive promotional campaign in our FB and Instagram accounts for all participants during two months (June and July) for artists visibility and recognition.


1/2 full color page in the exhibition catalogue is included free of charge for each finalist. Printed copy of the show catalogue will be available for sale on Amazon after July 15, 2020. Electronic version of the catalogue will be published on our website after August 4th, 2020.

Application Fees 

Participation in this show is free of charge for 1 work.
For up to 4 works the application fee is $10. The non-refundable fee of $10 is payable AFTER your works (any or all up to 3 additional) are approval using a credit card or Paypal.


Selected for the exhibition artists will be notified by email on July 4th, 2020, and the short-list of finalists and their 35 best art works will be published  on the aVantGarde website on the same day (30 jury nominated art works (5 for each nomination) plus 5 art works -People's choice award, Facebook voting).
The virtual exhibition will run from July 4th until August 4th 2020.


  • Oil painting , Portraits & Figurative Art

  • Oil painting, Landscapes & Urban Art

  • Drawing/ Pastel/ Ink

  • Watercolor / illustration

  • Photography

  • Acrylic

  • People’s Choice


Elena Dobrovolskaya 

Elena Dobrovolskaya is internationally renown artist, actively exhibited in Europe and US. She is a winner of International Prize "Artist of the Year 2019" (Mantova ArtExpo, Italy), International Prize Velasquez , art critic award (MEAM, Barcelona, 2019), International Prize Giotto for stylistic value (Lisbon, 2019), International Prize Leonardo (Florence, 2020). Elena's art was published in French and Italian art magazines, in "We Contemporary 2019" art book (Italy), in "50 artists to invest in" art catalogue (Italy). She was accepted as a life-member of Circle Foundation for Arts (France). Currently her art works are featured in Contemporary Art Curator Online Magazine and available for sale at .

As curator she conducted two large-scale photo exhibitions  in Moscow, Russia  in 2011 and New York, US in 2011 which was successfully repeated then at the galleries in Moscow, Paris and Strasbourg (European Parliament) in 2012 and gained great press and public success.

You can find out more about our curator visiting her website


Jury Chairman

Renown Russian artist, an academician , a bright member of Russian Academy of Fine Arts ( Moscow), a docent of Drawing Department at the Moscow State Art Institute named V.Surikov, the Head of Art Studio named V.Vereschagin ( Moscow), famous for his oil portraits and realistic landscapes. His paintings are in the collections of many Russian State Art Museums as well as private collections.



As curator she conducted two large-scale photo exhibitions  in Moscow, Russia  in 2011 and New York, US in 2011 which was successfully repeated then at the galleries in Moscow, Paris and Strasbourg (European Parliament) in 2012

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Art Director


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